Emmivans Alligator Pepper Pods Grains Of Paradise ,10 Pods

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Emmivans Alligator pepper pods

Alligator peppercorns or Grains of paradise are used traditionally in Africa for making local herbs, preparing special prayers, and lots more.

This Alligator Pepper pods has unique and healthy peppercorns used for garnishing Salads and for making assorted dishes such as pepper soup, stews, chicken and lamb dishes etc.

Alligator Pepper is also a great substitute for Black Pepper, Grains of Paradise, or Black Cardamon. 

Packed With Antioxidizing Properties

  •  Pungency and a spicy aroma
  • 10 pods


Alligator Pepper is part of many ingredients in our store that gets you closer to making that African Dish!




P.S: Our Alligator Pepper also comes in packed seeds!

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