Alligator Pepper - Hepper pepper - Grain Of Paradise Seeds (packed) 2oz

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Our packed Alligator Pepper seeds are used for garnishing salads , preparing pepper soup, stew and other dishes.

  • INSTRUCTIONS: It is recommended to pound a single whole pod of Alligator Pepper in a pestle and mortar prior or crushing the seeds to release the most tasty flavor to your foods. Note also, that Alligator Pepper can be used in variety of flexible ways that best suit your cooking needs!


Other Names: Hepper pepper, Mbongo spice, Afrika kakulesi, Melegueta pepper, Guinea pepper.

Spice Up Any Dish Use Alligator Pepper in any dish of your choosing to wow your dinner guests! or simply up the spice game of your everyday meals. Once you try this spice for the first time, you’ll get to understand just what all of your meals have been missing, and you’ll never be able to look back!

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