Ude Aki Black palm kernel oil


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Black palm kernel oil (BPKO), obtained from the edible seed (nut) inside the palm fruit from the palm tree (Elaies Guineensis), has been in existence for a long time without its benefits being appreciated.


Benefits of Palm kernel oil
* Rich in lauric and myristic fatty acids it gives the oil antibiotic qualities and enhances the absorption into the skin and hair.
* Palm kernel oil is a rich antioxidants agent that contains vitamin E which is anti aging and slows the appearance of wrinkles keeping skin healthy
Palm Kernel Oil and Shea Butter reduces the appearance of stretch marks.
* Easily absorbed into skin it helps in softening without the skin getting greasy.
*Helps in combating itchy skin and safe to use for infants especially when mixed with shea butter.
* Nourishes the hair and makes it stronger
* Used as a hot oil treatment, it provides a soothing effect along with the desired nourishment.
* Good moisturizer for nails and provides relief to ragged cuticles.

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