Emmivans Ground Iru Fermented African Locust Beans Powder,5oz

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Iru fermented locust beans is known as one of the most popular and healthiest spices and  a staple condiment in Nigerian dishes.  Iru fermented locust beans is rich in flavor and highly nutritional . It contains antioxidants , rich in healthy fats, carbohydrates , protein and calcium. Iru is used for both sweet and savory  Nigerian dishes  like soups, stew , jollof rice , ofada rice source and many more. 

Emmivansfoods ground Iru is packaged in a reusable 5oz container to retain freshness.

Emmivans products are high quality .

  • Net weight 5oz
  • Ground Iru
  • Pungent , aromatic flavor complements sweet and savory dishes
  • Naturally gluten-free food



Fermented locust beans / Iru

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