Ground African Calabash Nutmeg Efuru , 2oz

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African calabash nutmeg is a popular spice in west African cuisine, similar to nutmeg. Emmivans ehuru/efure African calabash nutmeg are carefully selected for robust flavor and aroma. Slightly roasted to bring out that inviting and irresistible flavor . Ehuru brings flavor to a wide variety of African cuisines like African salad , pepper soups, banga soup , nkwobi, yam pottage and many more.  

  •  Emmivans ehuru are carefully selected for robust flavor
  • Our ehuru are slightly roasted to bring out the desired flavor and aroma
  • Similar to nutmeg 
  • Strong flavor and aroma
  • African cuisine
  • Also known as ehuru , ariwo , efure ,African calabash nutmeg

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