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Uziza leaves are powerful anti-inflammatory agent, uziza leaves are  also good source   vitamins and minerals .

Dried Uziza Leaves is a perfect addition to a variety of soups such as Egusi soup, okra and ogbono , stew pepper soups , jollof rice, pasta .

Try all our delicious dried herbs , spices and seasoning blends .


Soak Emmivansfoods dried Uziza leaves in cold water for about 20 minutes ,slice to your desired size and add to your dish. 
  • Emmivansfoods products are packed & sealed in a handy, reusable pouch to retain the freshness, flavor and aroma of the product
  • Quality Certified ,100%  Natural 
  • Great in soups, Stews, Chicken, Beef, Fish, Jollof rice , Pepper soup , Sauces
  • Premium all Natural Dried Uziza Leaves 

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