Emmivans Instant Cassava Yuca Fufu Lafun 3lb


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Cassava flour (fufu) is a whole food you can eat with your favorite soup and feel good about; it is the entire cassava root that is well peeled, chopped into fragments, dried and finally grinded by a dedicated machine into the Cassava flour we are eating. Through out this process Emmivans Foods ensures and maintains a high degree of hygiene. This Cassava Flour is totally different from tapioca, which is the extracted starch of the cassava root.


Lafun is prepare the same way garri/eba is made.

  • Add hot water into cassava flour and knead until it becomes thick and smooth 
  • Mold into ball and allow to cool down
  • Serve with your favorite soup

Emmivansfoods cassava flour is made with 100% premium cassava, no additives and gluten free! 

Real Nigerian fufu ( akpu)!

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