Emmivansfoods Banga Soup Spice Seasoning & Herbs ,5oz

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Emmivansfoods signature banga soup seasoning is made with blends in herbs & spices. Our banga soup spice mix gives your meal that irresistible and inviting aroma/taste, it  also has a high nutritional and medicinal value. Banga spice is usually used for banga soup, ofe akwu and other traditional dishes.

 Check out Emmivansfoods wide range of banga seasonings and herbs here allowing you to save money while you stock up.   

Expand your spice rack with high quality seasoning like Emmivansfoods banga spice.

  • Emmivansfoods banga spice is a mixture of spices that excites your taste bud.
  • Our Authentic Banga Spice is the solution to bringing out the uniqueness in your African dishes .
  • 100% natural seasoning  blend.
  • Aromatic herb blend.
  • 5oz plastic container
  • Emmivansfoods banga spice mix is well sealed to maintain freshness.

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