Emmivans Akanwu Potash Kanu ,5oz


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 Potash  Akanwu is used in African kitchen as meat tenderizer & to soften other dishes like  beans , vegetables and peas while cooking.

Akanwu is  used to soften and make Jute leaves also known as  ewedu and okro more slimy. Akanwu is also mixed with oil to make a paste like sauce for nkwobi, African salad , and other African local  dishes .  

When you use Emmivans potash akanuw you're sure  of getting the best ,  just add  water and it will dissolve. 

Direction ;

To use, drop Akanwu into water , wait for some minutes for it to dissolve .

  • All natural
  • No prep needed
  • So soft , just add water 


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