Ogiri Okpei Casto Seed African Aromatic African Seasoning 2oz

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Okpei is an all-purpose seasoning that is used for major Nigerian Local dishes to boost the food aroma and taste. Emmivans Ogiri okpei salt-free herb & seasoning gives instant flavor to your bitter leaves soup, uha soup, egusi (melon)soup,j ollof rice, stew, banga stew and many more dishes. 

  • Emmivans Ogiri okpei is produced from fermented castor seed.
  • Okpei  has a very strong distinctive taste, aroma & smell. 
  • 100% natural food flavoring 
  • Add a little quantity to boost the taste and aroma of your meal.
  • Salt-free seasoning blend lets you enjoy a healthy meal without skipping out on taste.

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