Emmivans Foods All Natural Edible Clay, Nigerian Uro Ulo, 10oz


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Taste the Authentic Smokey Crunch of Edible Clay- Nigerian Uro Ulo!

Indulge in the rich flavors of Emmivansfoods Uro, a beloved Nigerian treat. This edible clay, also called Calabash chalk, hails from West Africa, delivering an authentic taste experience. Emmivansfoods presents a wholesome option for your home, though expect some crumbs at the bag's bottom. Delight in its smoky essence and satisfying texture. This Ulo edible clay boasts a delightful crunch, reminiscent of grey roasted layers. Its blend of small chunks offers an earthy taste, free from stickiness and pleasantly lightly smoked. Packaged in a handy resealable bag, it's ideal for munching on the move. 

Product Specifications:

  • Product: Edible Clay
  • Weight: Varies (Packaged in a resealable bag)
  • Dimensions: Varies (Packaged in a resealable bag)

Note: The crumbs may settle at the bag's bottom

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